Watch here (danish speak only)
100 Problemer Season 1 at Hyænefilm
Roles: Puppet Animation in ToonBoom Harmony

Watch here (danish speak only)
Superhelten Sprinter Galore - Season 1-3 at Copenhagen Bombay
Roles: Puppet Animation in ToonBoom Harmony

Travel Oregon - Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated at Sun Creature.
Roles: Light and Shadow artist in TvPaint

Big Hero 6 - The series. 1st season in the studio Nørlum.
Roles: Mostly Animation and Tone, but also Posing, Clean and Colour, in ToonBoom Harmony

Short film made at Animanostra, Lisbon. Directed by Catarina Sobral.
Roles: Intern as an animator, 2D Handdrawn Animation in ToonBoom Harmony.

Graduation Film from The Animation Workshop - Directed by Emile Gignoux
Roles: Animation in TVPaint, Character Design in Photoshop and in hand, Sound Design in Adobe Premiere, Storyboarding in TVPaint and in hand.
Production blog

Graduation film from The National Film School of Denmark - Directed by Mads Bøge.
Roles: 2D Puppet Animation in ToonBoom Harmony.

Graduation film from The Animation Workshop - Directed by Corentin Monnier and Ben Ozeri.
Roles: Animation in TVPaint.

Commercial Project at the Animation Workshop in 2nd year - Directed by Laura Kunov.
Created for 'Bryd Tavsheden', a child abuse awareness NGO.
Roles: Animation in Maya, making clay shapes and merging clay with 3d Animation in Photoshop.

Trailer Project at The Animation Workshop in 2nd year.
Roles: Lead Animator, Maya.

Short short project at The Animation Workshop in 1st year.
Roles: Lead animator on Dog, Animation in TVPaint, Character Design in Photoshop.